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About Our Staff

Barrett & Assoc. Engineering is an Oregon employer with two regular employees.   Like other Engineering firms, we add personnel as necessary, and level our resources with a network of specialists.   You get exactly the expertise you need, and you don't pay unnecessary overhead for someone else's staff.

Our Principal Engineer, Patrick H. Barrett, PE, is licensed in Oregon to practice Electrical (Electronic) and Control Systems Engineering.   In 2002 he was among the first ~400 individuals (world-wide) to earn CSDP certification from the IEEE Computer Society.

After military training with computers and radar systems (USAF), Pat earned a BSEE ( Bachelor of Science in Electrical-Electronics Engineering ) from Portland State University ( an ABET-accredited institution ). Pat has now accumulated more than a decade of experience in high-tech product design and manufacturing, with an emphasis on embedded systems development.

To stay current in his field, Pat is active in several technical societies, including the IEEE and the SAE.   His technical achievements include a recent Patent and his background includes design, evaluation, test and production for instrument manufacturers like Tektronix and Leupold & Stevens ( now Stevens Water Monitoring Systems ).   Pat has a lifelong curiosity about all things electro-mechanical and an interest in people and his community.

Pat is a technically adept engineer who can communicate.   He is a Dale Carnegie graduate, a published author, and a skilled speaker.   He also recognizes the importance of listening and is equally comfortable discussing your project in highly technical language or real-world terms.

Pat knows that his Clients' HR Departments may use "Personality Assessments" to build their teams, so he has provided an excellent one for your review. This Facet5 assessment characterizes him as "a Producer" - exactly what his Clients want! See our Literature page for a copy of his Assessment.

Pat participates in various continuing education programs and his extra-curricular interests include sports, travel, motorcycling and community service. If you're interested, click here to learn more of his thoughts.

See our Company page for more information about our operation, and our Services\Projects pages to learn what we've been doing lately.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to discussing how we can assist you!

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