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Our Industry Classification Codes

Many classification code systems are in use. These pages list the FSC/PSC, NAICS, NIGP, ODOT, SIC, and UNSPSC codes that seem to best describe our services. On each page, the codes are listed numerically.

The codes that generally fit our services are shown on a white background. Of these, the codes that best fit our services are shown in bold.

Codes listed on a gray background should not be used to describe our services. The gray background indicates the beginning of a major or minor grouping, or a code which is too general to be useful, or a code which should not be used because a better choice exists.

Our codes in various systems

  • FSC\PSC Federal Stock Codes & Product Service Codes
  • NAICS North American Industry Classification System
  • NIGP National Institute of Government Purchasers
  • ODOT & OESB Oregon Department of Transportation Commodity Codes
  • SIC Standard Industry Classifications
  • UNSPSC United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes

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