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National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

This page lists the NIGP codes* that seem to best describe our services, listed numerically.

The codes that generally fit our services are shown on a white background. Of these, the codes that best fit our services are shown in bold.

Codes listed on a gray background should not be used to describe our services. The gray background indicates the beginning of a major or minor grouping, or a code which is too general to be useful, or a code which should not be used because a better choice exists.

CODE SYSTEM: NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing)
FORMAT: NNN = class
NNNNN = class + item
NNNNNNN = class + item + group
NNNNNNNNNNN = class + item + group + detail
SOURCE: www.nigp.org,   800-367-6447 or 703-736-8900
REVISED (YY/MM/DD): 02/11/28 NIGP Code info

208 Commercial off-the-shelf PC software
209 Commercial off-the-shelf mainframe software
918 ???
918-00 Consulting Services
918-42 Engineering Consulting
920 Data Processing, Computer and Software Services
920-00 ???
920-18 Computer-aided Design Service
925 ???
925-00 Engineering Services, Professional
925-22 Control Systems Engineering
925-32 Electronic Engineering
925-57 Instrumentation / Engineering
925-53 Industrial Engineering
925-38 Field Engineering
925-65 Machine Design / Engineering
925-66 Manufacturing Engineering
925-84 Security Systems; Intruder and Smoke Detection / Engineering
925-88 ???
961 ???
961-90 Writing Services

* Note: NIGP Codes are a copyrighted product of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), which does not wish them to be downloaded or used in any other way than for vendor registration without written permission of Periscope Holdings, LLC.

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