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Oregon Dept of Transportation (ODOT) Codes

This page lists the ODOT codes* that seem to best describe our services, listed numerically.

This page also shows the the ODOT codes* for which we are certified by the State of Oregon as an Emerging Small Business (ESB #3572).

The codes that generally fit our services are shown on a white background. Of these, the codes that best fit our services are shown in bold.

The codes for which we have received ESB Certification are noted by our ESB# (3572) in the right-hand column of the table.

Codes listed on a gray background should not be used to describe our services. The gray background indicates the beginning of a major or minor grouping, or a code which is too general to be useful, or a code which should not be used because a better choice exists.

CODE SYSTEM: ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation)
SOURCE: Office of Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business
Oregon Dept of Consumer & Business Services
State of Oregon
Salem, OR   97301-3878
REVISED (YY/MM/DD): 03/07/14 ODOT code info

2 Technical / Professional Services  
2-01-04 Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing (Technical / Professional)
New Product Development and Marketing Consulting Services
2-01-13 Business Management (Technical / Professional)
Manufacturing Operations Improvement Consulting
Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
2-01-16 Data Processing/Computer (Technical / Professional)
Custom Computer Programming Services, Software Analysis, and Design
2-03-00 Design (Technical / Professional) (Not Elsewhere Classified)
Computer and Related Hardware Research and Development Services
2-05-00 Engineering (not elsewhere classified)
Software Engineering
2-05-04 Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Services
2-07-00 Technical/Professional (Not Elsewhere Classified)
Computer Systems Integration, Analysis, and Design Services
Systems Design Consulting
2-07-01 Analysis/Research/Studies (Technical / Professional)
Physics Consulting Services
2-07-34 Technical Writing / Editing (Technical / Professional)
Technical Writers
3 Suppliers  
3-01-28 Electrical Suppliers  
4 Services  
4-00-00 Services (not elsewhere classified)  
5 Manufacturers  
5-00-00 Manufacturers (not elsewhere classified)  
5-01-28 Electrical Manufacturers  

* Note: As of 14 July 2003, the ODOT is not presently supporting these codes, although the ODOT is the source for these codes. Thus, the future of the ODOT system of commodity codes is uncertain.

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