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United Nations Standard Product & Service Codes

This page lists the UNSPSC codes that seem to best describe our services, listed numerically.

The codes that generally fit our services are shown on a white background. Of these, the codes that best fit our services are shown in bold.

Codes listed on a gray background should not be used to describe our services. The gray background indicates the beginning of a major or minor grouping, or a code which is too general to be useful, or a code which should not be used because a better choice exists.

CODE SYSTEM: UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Product & Service Codes)
SOURCE: www.un-spsc.net
REVISED (YY/MM/DD): 02/11/28 (UNSPSC, v5.1001)

32000000 Electronic Components and Supplies
32100000 Printed circuits and integrated circuits and microassemblies
32101500 Printed circuits and circuit card assemblies
32101501 Bare printed circuit boards
32101502 Printed circuit assemblies (PCAs)
32101503 Mixed circuit assemblies
32101504 Surface mount circuit assemblies
32101505 Plated through circuit assemblies
32101506 Double sided circuit cards
32101507 Backplane circuit cards
32101508 Multilayer circuit cards
32101509 Single sided circuit cards
32101510 Printed wire boards
43000000 Information Technology
43230000 Software
43232400 Development software
43232406 Program testing software
43232600 Industry specific software
43232605 Analytical or scientific software
43232608 Industrial control software
43233000 Operating environment software
43233004 Operating system software
43233400 Utility and device driver software
43233402 Data conversion software
43233405 Device drivers or system software
43233410 Printer driver software
55000000 Published Products
55001500 Printed Publications
55101516 Operation and instruction manuals
55101518 Technical diagrams or drawings
55101520 Instruction sheets or booklets
55111600 Electronic Software reference material
55111601 Electronic Software Documentation and User Manuals
80000000 Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
80110000 Human Resources Services
80111614 Temporary engineering services
81000000 Research and Science Based Services
81100000 Professional engineering services
81101700 Electrical and electronic engineering
81101701 Electrical engineering services
81101702 Electronic circuit design
81111500 Software or hardware engineering
81111502 Personal computer (PC) application design
81111503 Systems integration design
81111504 Application programming services
81111505 Operating system programming services
81111508 Application implementation services
81111600 Computer programmers
81111607 Programming for C or C++
81111612 Programming or Proprietary Languages
81111810 Software coding
81112202 Software patches or upgrades
81140000 Manufacturing technologies
81141500 Quality control
81141504 Equipment test or calibration
81141506 Product testing
82000000 Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Arts Services
82110000 Writing and Translations
82111500 Technical writing
82111501 Instruction writing services
82111502 Manual writing services
82111503 Academic or scientific article writing
83000000 ?
83111903 Small scale radio systems
92000000 National Defense and Public Order and Security and Safety Services
92111700 Military science and research

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