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* Company News - 2000 *

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November 2000

Portland, OR - Barrett & Assoc. Engineering, a local high-tech Engineering firm, today announced that its Principal Engineer, Mr. Patrick H. Barrett, P.E., has been retained by an international manufacturer to develop the user documentation for a new line of ARM-Based System-On-Chip (SOC) devices now under development.

Mr. Barrett was chosen for his unique combination of communication skills and electronic engineering experience. A design engineer and published author, Mr. Barrett will bring considerable embedded systems expertise, hardware development experience, and software development skills to the manufacturer's development team.

ARM, Ltd., formerly Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd., is a British provider of intellectual property. ARM-based "cores" are commonly used in cell-phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) products.

Additional details about the contract were not immediately available because the project is presently "under wraps", pending new product announcements.

May 2000

Portland, OR - Barrett & Assoc. Engineering, a local high-tech Engineering firm, today announced their participation in Microchip Technology's Consultant Program.

Microchip is known as "The Embedded Solutions Company", with a diverse product line including PICmicro® MCUs, Analog/Interface Devices, KEELOQ® Security ICs, microID™ RFID chips, and non-volatile memory devices.

Since its inception, Microchip Technology has focused its resources on delivering innovative semiconductor products to the global embedded control marketplace. To do this, they initially focused their technology, engineering, manufacturing and marketing resources on two synergistic product lines: PICmicro® 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) and high-endurance Serial EEPROMs.

Today, Microchip’s expanding product portfolio of microperipheral, analog, RFID tag and KEELOQ security devices is aimed at delivering a more comprehensive array of high-value embedded control solutions to a growing base of customers.

Microchip is selective when it comes to participation in their program, seeking only those consultants with extensive design experience, the ability to write application notes and technical documents in support of their designs, and who conduct their businesses in a thorough and professional manner.

Barrett & Assoc. Engineering's Principal Engineer, Mr. Patrick H. Barrett, noted that acceptance into the Microchip Consultant Program is one more indication of his company's ongoing commitment to technical excellence.

April 2000

Portland, OR - Barrett & Assoc. Engineering, a local high-tech Engineering firm, notes that their Principal Engineer, Mr. Patrick H. Barrett, PE, hosted a session entitled "Finding The Engineering Talent You Need" at a recent Conference and Tradeshow sponsored by the Instrument Society of America ( ISA ).

Mr. Barrett's presentation was one of several sessions offered at Portland's annual ISA Show, known this year as the Northwest Measurement, Control, Instrumentation and Automation ( NWMCIA ) Conference.

March 2000

Portland, OR - Barrett & Assoc. Engineering, a local high-tech Engineering firm, today announced that their Principal Engineer, Mr. Patrick H. Barrett, PE, has been awarded a U.S. Patent for his work on an advanced vehicle performance monitoring system:

U.S. Patent #6,025,777:   Off-the-road tire temperature and pressure monitoring system

The device described in the Patent harnesses embedded systems and wireless RF-ID Tag technology to monitor tire inflation conditions in "real-time" and is expected to enhance the safety and useful life of pneumatic tires in a variety of situations.

Mr. Barrett notes that this work fits well with the world-wide ITS ( Intelligent Transportation Systems ) initiatives and may also impact the aviation industry's HITS ( Highway In The Sky ) program.  

The ITS initiatives are a broad, international effort supported by Government and Industry in the U.S. and Europe.   These Initiatives apply wireless communications and RF-ID-Tag technology to all aspects of vehicle and road use, including travel, shipping, road-side information, tariffs, weigh-stations, vehicle operation and emergency maintenance.   Last year's "smart highway" demonstration ( Drive-By-Wire, Caravaning ) in California was a good example.

Although not a part of ITS, the HITS initiatives are a similar US-based movement involving the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration ).   The HITS program seeks to better utilize modern technology ( instrumentation & control ) in the aviation industry.

Mr. Barrett notes that independent Engineering firms like Barrett & Assoc. Engineering will play an important role in delivering these advances to consumers around the world.

February 2000

The Portland ISA Show, sponsored annually by the Instrument Society of America, has a new name and a new broad appeal!

This year it's the "Northwest Measurement, Control, Information and Automation Show" (NWMCIA 2000), to reflect Industry's increasing involvement with advanced technologies.

See us on April 25th and 26th, in the Oregon Convention Center, at [The Portland ISA Show, Oregon Convention Center, April 25 & 26, 2000 ]

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