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* Our Founder's Philosophizing *

Do these thoughts strike a chord with you?   Care to share?

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27 Oct 2002 - Priorities

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize,
then let the minor items fall away.

Which reminds me of the joke where a guy reviews his priorities, and finds:

  • 3 unimportant tasks
  • 10 mildly important tasks
  • 87 VERY IMPORTANT tasks!
Prioritization with no accompanying reality check is worthless.

Prioritize, delegate, clean house, move on.

27 Oct 2002 - Leadership

One of my college professors taught us that:

"The Public will seldom accept the word of an Expert
about anything,

but the Public will ALWAYS accept the word of a Leader,
as if the Leader were an Expert,
on whatever topic the Leader chooses."

Many of my classmates eschewed the message, deeming it off-topic for the class.

That professor later lost his position at the university. He was teaching us about his own eventual fate, and he saw it coming...

01 Jan 2002 - Ham & Eggs

A day's work for the chicken, a lifetime commitment for the pig.

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