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Batch Cleaning, The Emulsonator *

Skills Chart
Teaming   Specifications, Performance, User-Interface issues, Schedules, Budgets
Technical   Process-Control, IPC Standards, physics, electronics, chemistry, safety
Software   Embedded Systems, C, Motorola© assembler, firmware
Hardware   Sensors, level, flow, pressure, temperature, prototyping, mfg, testing

Freon went out of style with the hole in the Ozone Layer. Everyone knows it was used in refrigeration and A/C, but few realize that it was also used extensively as a solvent in the electronics (and other) industries.   The world had to replace an entire process, and the Emulsonator was born.

The Emulsonator removes rosin no-clean fluxes from SMT and through-hole circuit-board assemblies.   It's a free-standing batch system that cleans with solvent emulsions (a non-miscible combination of solvent & water).

This closed-loop process includes wash, rinse, dry, and waste treatment phases in one compact cabinet.   Its performance surpasses Mil-Spec and IPC Phase II cleanliness levels.   It includes Teflon Viton-GF seals for chemistry compatibility and a 60 GPM recirculation spray system with edge-racking for optimial cleaning.

  [AAT's 9700 Emulsonator ]

The design goal was a free-standing batch-oriented machine to replace obsolete freon and semi-aqueous cleaning processes.   It had to be closed-loop to satisfy municipal & EPA regulations, safe, and inexpensive to operate & maintain.

We know about this remarkable machine because our Principal Engineer Pat Barrett was a member of the Design Team that created it.   He wrote its operating system firmware ( cross-assembled "C", state-based, event-driven ) and helped shepherd it thru the IPC's Phase II Testing at the Navy's EMPF facility in Indianapolis ( a consortium of Industry, Academia and Government working together ).

Mr. Barrett also traveled, assisted at tradeshows, visited Key Accounts and lectured about the Emulsonator's capabilities during the product launch.

This is truly one of those "better idea" products.   When it was introduced, the Emulsonator caused such a stir that it was nominated for the Nationally-reknown Milton S. Kiver Award.

Today our organization enjoys a continuing Partnership with its manufacturer, Austin American Technology ( AAT ) that began half a decade ago!

If you're seeking experienced engineering talent for your project, you've come to the right place.   Let's talk!

If you're interested in the Emulsonator, why not stop by AAT's website for the whole scoop on their extensive line of Production Cleaning Equipment?

* The term Emulsonator© is a registered trademark of Austin American Technology, Inc.

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