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High-Voltage DC Power Supply

Skills Chart
Teaming Specifications, Schedules, Budgets
Technical High-Voltage AC and DC electronics, personnel safety, industrial process control, oil filtration, electrostatic particle precipitation, regulatory compliance, and the physics of high-voltage
Software (a future requirement)
Hardware System & circuit design, layout, component selection, prototyping, testing

[High-Voltage Power Supply] [High-Voltage Power Supply]

Prototype - Front

Prototype - Rear

Our client manufactures industrial oil-filtration equipment. The equipment typically uses a variety of techniques to remove particulates and other contamination from lubricating and cooling oils in large industrial machinery. The process can include mechanical filtration and also electrostatic particle precipitation, to attract and capture ionic contaminants.

The challenge was to create an inexpensive, adjustable power supply capable of delivering at least 12KV DC, at 10mA, for use in the development of a new filtration process.

The immediate design goal was a manually adjustable power supply, to enable the initial research. The resulting prototype is shown in the photos on this page.

The long-term design goal is an efficient, computer-controlled power supply, with embedded process monitoring. Safety, performance, reliability, and economics are the watchwords. This work continues...

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