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Harsh-Process Instrumentation, Dataloggers

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Teaming Specifications, Schedules, Budgets, User-Interface issues
Technical Electronics, thermocouples & the physics of mass, temperature, heat-flow, materials
Software Motorola© assembler, firmware, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools
Hardware System & circuit design, layout, component selection, prototyping, mfg, testing

If you're familiar with Wave or Reflow soldering processes in high-tech manufacturing, then you've probably used a M.O.L.E. * from Electronic Controls Design, Inc. ( ECD ).

ECD's M.O.L.E.© products use thermocouple technology to measure and record the process-temperatures of ICs, BGAs and other delicate components as they are being soldered to circuit boards (PWBs).

The M.O.L.E.© family of products created the market for traveling solder process instrumentation and added "mole" and "profile" to every high-tech Production worker's vocabulary.   They have achieved international recognition.

[ECD's SuperM.O.L.E. Gold] [The M.O.L.E. Family] [M.O.L.E.s use thermocouples]

The challenge was to bring Repeatability, Reliability and Quality to a seemingly-unpredictable process.

The design goal was a compact, portable, battery-powered instrument that could travel through a conveyorized soldering process and record the temperatures of various electronic components as they were soldered.   The instrument had to survive harsh temperatures, make extremely accurate measurements, store large amounts of data, and interface to a PC for initial programming (set-up) and later data-retrieval.

Although our company was not directly involved in the design of the original M.O.L.E.©, our founder and Principal Engineer, Pat Barrett, came early to the ECD Team and assumed responsiblity for firmware development, portions of the circuit design, production troubleshooting and other engineering activities.

Mr. Barrett visited Key Accounts, assisted at tradeshows and led the Team that launched the development of the Gold M.O.L.E.© product.   He also helped establish ECD's first Surface Mount (SMT) production line and assisted with the selection of capital equipment.   He has since ported numerous products from Thru-Hole to SMT technology.

Today our organization enjoys a continuing Partnership with ECD that began well over a decade ago!   Our company has contributed to many of their projects, including a wireless RF module for the Gold M.O.L.E.© (provides real-time process data) and numerous variations for special markets.

While you're surfing, be sure to visit ECD's website for an update on their broad line of datalogging hardware and Statistical-Process Control (SPC) software products.

* The terms M.O.L.E.©, Super M.O.L.E.© and Gold M.O.L.E.© are registered trademarks of ECD, Inc.

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