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The PC Answer Book

Skills Chart
Teaming Specifications, Schedules, Budgets, Sharing a Client's "Vision"
Technical Communications & literary skills, the English language, grammar
Software Word Processors, Communications Applications
Hardware General knowledge

Published by Alpha Books

( A division of Prentice Hall )

By Pat Barrett

[The PC Answer Book]

Author's comments:

This was an interesting project because I'd never before written a book for broad, consumer distribution across the U.S, although I had done a lot of technical writing for industry.

Then too, it's not every day that a major publishing house calls to ask me to do this sort of thing...

These folks know what they're doing!   They had completed a Market Survey and prepared a detailed Specification (which they called an "Outline").

They wanted a troubleshooting book written for average people; formatted as "problem: solution", yet enjoyable to read, with humorous illustrations.   It appealed to my sense of the challenge facing non-technical folks in a changing society.   And presented the opportunity to hone my communication skills for a new audience.

The project was also interesting because I never met the other players; we corresponded over the net.   My Editor was back East and the illustrations were done by a talented fellow in Colorado.

The book was originally targeted for the Christmas market, as part of a set.   It was so successful that sales continued long after the Holidays, eventually enjoying a 3rd printing.

I enjoyed visiting the local booksellers and seeing my book on their shelves!

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