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SawStop® - Smart Saws

Skills Chart
Teaming Specifications, Schedules, Budgets, Sharing a Client's "Vision"
Technical Electronics, Industrial Controls, the physics of the human body, rotating machines, EMI\RFI emissions
Software n/a
Hardware System & circuit design, layout, component selection, prototyping, testing

The wizards at SawStop® truly have a better idea!

Imagine a table saw that will cut wood, but not your fingers!

As you might suppose, this innovative safety technology is creating
quite a stir in the Industrial and Consumer marketplaces. In fact, it has won coveted awards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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[ SawStop Prototype Contractors Saw ]        

Schedules and Engineering resources are critical aspects of any new product development effort.
And development of advanced electro-mechanical devices like those from SawStop® is our core competency.

So when the folks at SawStop became concerned about their product development schedule, they retained us to "backstop" their usual electronic designers, and ensure that their electronics development proceeded according to plan.
We leveled their resources at a critical time.

While you're surfing, be sure to visit the SawStop website for updates on this Oregon company's full line of products, and their ongoing efforts to bring this exciting technology to the power tools in your shop.


* Note: SawStop and the SawStop logo are registered trademarks of SawStop, LLC.

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