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Important Note to Recruiters

This site offers three resources for you, listed below.  Review them before contacting us.

Yes, we will ask...

We understand that you maintain the highest ethical standards, but as an experienced veteran you know that some folks in your industry do not.  To those folks, we say:  we are not in business to provide you with a source of meat; our employees are happy working here; go away.

We offer high-tech corp-to-corp Engineering Services to the General Public.  We do not want you to bother us unless you are fairly certain that your Client needs our company's services AND IS NOT SEEKING A PERMANENT EMPLOYEE!

"Ring Ring ...Want a Job?" is boring.  We have nothing against your making a buck, but we do not wish to spend time on the phone with you explaining that we are already employed, thank you.

We will accept contracts which position us as a provider of temporary technical employees if that is what the Client requires.

We do not wish to cut you out of the loop.  It can be worth your while to bring us a Client, but we will insist that the costs be visible to us and to our mutual Client; we have nothing to hide.

Our company literature is listed below.  We do offer custom resumes in the file format of your choice if you agree to pay us to prepare them.   We will be happy to complete and submit myriad forms to you if you pay us to do it.   We will be happy to surf your website and fill out a "profile", for a fee.

So, if you've read this far then perhaps we can do business.  Everything you need is within your reach; just bookmark this page and...

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